Fermented Cranberry & Persimmon Relish

Fermented Cranberry & Persimmon Relish

This recipe highlights and preserves the super antioxidant powers of cranberries and persimmons, without adding in sugar or heat!

You probably already know that these two seasonal fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals, but did you know that cooking destroys vitamins, especially vitamin C? And of course, most recipes for cranberry relish contain a ton of sugar. And we all know that sugar leads to all manner of ills!

Behold, then, this unique and delicious fermentation recipe, which will not only preserve the nutrients but will also amplify the health benefits of these two jewel-like fruits. The natural sweetness of persimmons balances beautifully with the tanginess of the fresh cranberries. And of course, the fermentation process, along with the other ingredients, will add in complex flavors and healthy live-cultures.

Try this unique recipe to accompany your holiday meals this season. Your microbiome will thank you!

Karen Wang Diggs, Chief Fermentation Officer

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Hello Sarah,
You could substitute with Fuji or another sweet apple.


Is there another fruit you can substitute for persimmons? Thx.

Sarah Potter

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