ChouAmi™ is an innovative product from GourmetMatters Inc., whose Core Mission as a responsible Benefit Corporation is to positively affect society as a whole by developing and bringing forth products that focus on healthy living while maximizing environmental sustainability.

Chef Karen Diggs

Chief Fermentation Officer

A classically trained chef, Certified Nutrition Consultant, author, and fermentation expert. She teaches cooking and fermentation classes around San Francisco and across the country and considers herself to be an ambassador of good bacteria. Her mission is to help people, animals, and our planet become healthy and resilient by introducing more good bacteria into our microbiome through fermented foods.

Bill Nordby

President of Le Parfait America

An engineer by degree, entrepreneur by day and is professionally trained in business management, logistics, packaging and eCommerce operations. Bill has a passion for lifestyle enhancement through nutrition, environmental consciousness, practicality and honesty... all of which are embodied by Le Parfait glass preserving jars! Bill lives outside of Chicago, Illinois, with his wife of 15 years, Beth, their three kids, and one cute fluffball, Pomegranate.