All ChouAmi™ parts are made of high-quality stainless steel which are dishwasher safe, non-reactive to salt or acid, and built-to-last.


Fermented foods submerged beneath the brine.


Carbon dioxide gas to escape safely.


Room-temperature process, at home.


An anaerobic environment for successful fermentation.

See how ChouAmi works in action

ChouAmi™ is a unique and simple fermentation device which fits onto a beautiful and durable French-made glass jar by Le Parfait. It's an easy and no-fuss way to make your own sauerkraut, natural pickles, kimchi, or other lacto-fermented foods at home in small batches.

ChouAmi came into being in Spring 2020 from a successfully-funded Kickstarter campaign, where over 500 passionate supporters from around the world brought our vision of simple at-home fermentation to life.




Food Safe


How to have a successful lacto-fermentation

  • Carbon dioxide produced by the fermenting microbes must be released. If not, the container may actually explode.
  • Fresh air and oxygen must be kept out because the health promoting lactobacilli bacteria are anaerobic.
  • The vegetables must be kept completely submerged in the saltwater brine because exposed vegetables that float to the top can start to spoil.