ChouAmi co-founders Karen Wang-Diggs and Bill Nordby welcoming attendees to our virtual 'booth' in the Conference Expo

News from the 2021 International Fermentation Conference

Co-founders Karen Wang-Diggs and Bill Nordby welcoming attendees to our virtual Expo 'booth'

By Karen Wang-Diggs

Last week, the ChouAmi team participated in Fermentation 2021, the very first international fermentation conference organized by The Fermentation Association. The event was 100% virtual due to health and safety concerns. There were participants from around the globe, including medical and scientific researchers, chefs, farmers, and other professionals involved in fermentation.

As we have shared with our community before, ChouAmi is very proud to be a Charter Member of The Fermentation Association. We were also a Gold Sponsor of the highly informative and groundbreaking conference. Our involvement directly supports the endeavors put forth by this association to highlight and disseminate the latest and most relevant research from the academic community, as well as delicious developments from the global culinary community. In fact, all attendees and presenters of the conference received a ChouAmi Fermentation Kit so that they can use our nifty little fermenter to do R & D, test out recipes, and more.

In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing more information on the incredible new findings on the intersection of the human gut microbiome and fermented foods. For now, here are the top five take-aways to get you started:

1. Eating fermented foods daily can have a dramatic positive impact on your health.

2. Diversity of gut micorbiome = higher resiliency.

3. A daily meal plan that includes fermented foods is actually more beneficial than only eating a high-fiber diet.

4. A study of octogenarians in a Korean village showed that they had a high percentage of healthy lactobilli bacteria, especially lactobacilli fermentum, in their gut from regular consumption of kimchi.

5. The official definition of fermented foods: Made through desired microbial growth and enzymatic conversion of food components.

Keep fermenting,

Chief Fermentation Officer

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