High Schoolers Are Into Fermentation!

High Schoolers Are Into Fermentation!

Fermentation takes on higher ed

At ChouAmi, we're dedicated to our motto: Let's Ferment a Better World!

In this spirit, we're so happy to have had the opportunity to partner with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's department of Food Science and Technology. We gifted the department a bunch of our ChouAmi fermentation kits, and they were put to good use!

Our kits are currently being used in the department's labs for lacto-fermentation research AND they were given to a group high school students who participated in a scholarship contest in 2020.

Young fermenters win scholarship!

High school students interested in competing in the challenge were given a fermentation device to use in fermenting a food material of their choice. They were asked to submit a short video recapping their fermentation experience. Those considered most qualified by a faculty and staff panel were awarded a scholarship for their first year at Food Science and Technology beginning in Fall 2021. 

Check out the winning videos from the two aspiring contestants, Laurel Wheeler and Mary Morran. Congratulations to them both! ChouAmi is thrilled to have been a part of their educational journey, and we have no doubt that Laurel and Mary will go on to do amazing work on behalf of fermentation!

Laurel Wheeler

Laurel used a colorful assortment of peppers, garlic, and cilantro for her scholarship contest. She also spiced it up with many creative and whimsical drawings to seal the deal!

Here are Laure's peppers fermenting using ChouAmi, and her probiotics-rich creations after fermentation.

Laurel's hand-drawn graphics explaining chemistry are so charming, you have to wonder if she might minor in art or design.

Mary Morran

Next up is Mary Morran, who also went the crunchy route and used green beans for her entry. She flavored her experiment with garlic, fresh rosemary, and lemon zest.

Mary's before-and-after green beans using ChouAmi:

Mary scored extra points with us for doing VERY science-y things like including images of microscopic bacteria, weighing salt with a digital scale to get the right pH ratio, and using a green bean to stir her brine.


We're super proud of both Laurel and Mary, and good luck as you embark on this crucial next stage!

Keep Fermenting,

Karen, Bill, and the ChouAmi Team 

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