6 Ways to Use Pickle Brine (Juice)

6 Ways to Use Pickle Brine (Juice)

Fermented pickles with brine in a jar

So, you've started making your own lacto-fermented pickles and loving it! Congratulations! But, after you've finished the pickles, you're left with the remaining brine in the jar. what do you do with it?
First of all, DO NOT toss it out!
That fermented pickle brine is liquid gold! Amrita! Nectar of the gods!
And I am not exaggerating.

Researchers have tested pickle brine, and according to Heathline, and The Cleveland Clinic, fermented pickle juice have many health benefits including:

  • Good for your gut microbiome because it contains probiotics
  • Contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals (including potassium)
  • Maybe helpful with weight management
  • May help to regulate blood sugar levels
  • Helps with a hangover due to its electrolytes

6 Ways to Use Pickle Brine

1. Add it to a salad dressing:
    Instead of store bought vinegar, substitute with fermented pickle brine.

2. Use it was a marinade and meat tenderizer:
    Marinade chicken, beef, or pork in pickle brine for 6 - 8 hours before cooking.
     It brine will add flavor, and also tenderize the meat.

3. Add it to a pesto:
    Try this delicious and easy pesto recipe:
     Cultured Pumpkin Seed Pesto

4. Martinis:
    Add a shot of pickle brine to make a"dirty" martini, and a slice of pickle as 

5. Homemade Lemonade with Pickle Brine

6. Take a shot after heavy exercise to replenish electrolytes for hydration.


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