10 Steps to Save Mother Earth

10 Steps to Save Mother Earth

By Karen Diggs

As we approach Earth Day on April 22 and Mother's Day on May 9, I'm thinking about the unconditional love and tireless care that my Mom gave me, even though I was a troublesome and needy kid who tested her patience over and over!

This, in turn, caused me to reflect on the bounty that Mother Earth provides us humans. Even though we thoughtlessly pollute and deplete her resources and take her for granted, she's still here, tirelessly supporting us. It's no secret that we're facing an environmental crisis right now. So, with the thought of giving gratitude and protecting the one and only Earth we have, I'd like to share with you some action steps that we can easily implement in our daily lives. They help to ease the negative effects of global warming, and build strong communities that will work together to ensure a sustainable planet for all, now and into the future.

Of course, like so many of you, I'm overwrought with work and always short on time. BUT there are things that even busy urban dwellers can do that will collectively have a huge impact on protecting our precious resources. So please take a look at the ten suggestions below. Choose any that resonant with you, take action, and let's all be good to Mother Earth!

1. Start an urban garden and grow your own food
It's easier than you think. Novella Carpenter is the guru of urban farming and her books have inspired many people.

2. Help bees by improving your local habitat with pollinator friendly plants
Join more than 100,000 people from around the country in the Great Sunflower Project. This was started by Gretchen LeBuhn, a professor of biology at San Francisco State University.

3. Become a citizen scientist and help researchers study the effects of climate change on plants and animals
Pam Peirce is the author of many books on gardening, and she encourages everyone to become citizen scientists to observe plants in their own gardens or natural spaces and then report on their observations. It's fun for everyone and it contributes to research that will help to preserve our natural resources. Check out Budhurst for tips.

4. Consume less
If you haven't seen The Story of Stuff, please take 21 minutes to watch the video. It can be life changing.

5. Share more
There are many ways to share things in your neighborhood. Check out this article from US News and World Report.

6. Conserve energy
There are so many ways to do that! From simply turning off lights when not in use to air-drying your clothes. Green America has an easy list that anyone can follow.

7. Stop junk mail
Save trees, time, water, and yourself from the temptation to buy stuff you don't need! Catalog Choice will help you get rid of junk mail.

8. Drive wisely
"If all Americans kept their tires properly inflated, we could save 1.2 billion gallons of gas each year. A simple tune-up can boost miles per gallon anywhere from 4 percent to 40 percent, and a new air filter can get you a 10 percent boost." This quote is from an article written by Melissa Denchak of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

9. Voice your concern
Speak to your friends, family, and neighbors and share ideas on social media. And be a diplomat to communicate with climate skeptics who argue against global warming. Here's a great article from Grist to help you.

10. Nourish yourself
Heroes can't live on air, so please nourish yourself and your family by eating well with plenty of fermented foods to keep your microbiome healthy and happy!


Which step(s) will you be taking? Don't beat yourself up if you can only implement one or two steps. Remember, a little bit goes a long way--especially if we all do it together!

Happy Earth Day,

Chief Fermentation Officer

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